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Starting A New year!

Fri, 10/30/20 - 12:21pm


Dale Donchin

Dear CBT Members,

I'm checking in with everyone now that we are officially in 5781.
I hope you enjoyed our hybrid in-sanctuary/virtual High Holiday services. Kudos to the rabbi, Jodi, Robin, and the many others who...Read more...

Rosh Hashanah 5781/2020 – Belonging vs. Being A Part

Thu, 9/17/20 - 6:11pm


Dale Donchin

By Congregation President Dale Donchin

There’s a huge difference between belonging to an organization and being a part of one.

I belong to many organizations, or should I say, they think I do. Having made one charitable donation to them many years ago, I now belong perpetually on their mail list.  But since they seem to have used my money not for my intended purpose, but instead to harass me, as much as they think I...Read more...

Successfully Navigating Through a Pandemic

Mon, 5/18/20 - 11:12am


Dale Donchin

Dear CBT Members,

I hope that you and your loved ones are healthy. Many volunteers at CBT attempted to stay in regular touch with our members to check on their well-being. I thank them and appreciate all their efforts to care for and support our community.

To this I'll add my special thanks to the Rabbi, Jodi, Robin, Orna, and our teachers who have diligently strived to maintain normalcy when the world is anything but normal....Read more...

What's New for 2020

Sun, 1/26/20 - 9:00am


Dale Donchin

For those experiencing "winter doldrums," stop by CBT for instant relief! If the frenetic level of our Hebrew School students doesn't do the trick, there's also very lively book clubs, Mah Jongg games, the STOP (Students Together Opposing Prejudice) program we are hosting, Torah Study (highly interactive discussions spanning multiple topics), and of course, Shabbat services every Friday evening. But wait, ...Read more...

New Year's Greeting

Wed, 1/1/20 - 4:00pm


Dale Donchin

On behalf of myself, my wife Nancy, and my family, I want to wish all of you and your families, Shanah Tovah! The new year, 5779, is remarkable in several ways...Read more...
Fri, November 27 2020 11 Kislev 5781