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What's New for 2020

Sun, 1/26/20 - 9:00am


Dale Donchin

Dear CBT Members,

For those experiencing "winter doldrums," stop by CBT for instant relief! If the frenetic level of our Hebrew School students doesn't do the trick, there's also very lively book clubs, Mah Jongg games, the STOP (Students Together Opposing Prejudice) program we are hosting, Torah Study (highly interactive discussions spanning multiple topics), and of course, Shabbat services every Friday evening. But wait, there's more! The rabbi is leading an adult learning series, Jodi started a B'nai Mitzvah class for adult women, the interfaith committee is sponsoring the second annual celebration of different cultures and faiths, and we now offer beginner Canasta classes. And please save the evening of May 16th to attend a very fun casino night.

There's other news to share as well. Due to the generosity of a member family, you'll notice a (very) large television in the sanctuary that we will use to stream school material and to save trees by projecting text and music lyrics during services. And for those who participate in our services from their homes, another member donated the funds to purchase a high-quality camera. Thank you to these members (who wish to remain anonymous). Please contact me if you can similarly help CBT offer more to our members by covering expenses that are beyond our limited budget. Contributions as a Sustaining Member or through the Community Generous campaign close the gap that membership fees alone don't cover.

One other change you'll notice at CBT is increased security, including a security guard who will be present for Hebrew School, Shabbat services, B'nai Mitzvot, and during other large gatherings. It's unfortunate that present-day reality mandates this action, but the board believes it's important to actively mitigate concerns. Other local temples have taken similar actions.

I hope that the groundhog doesn't see his shadow, but that I see you at any of the many wonderful programs at CBT. Your neighbors and friends are welcome too - that's how our community operates. You can always contact me at (be careful of spam messages that might appear to originate from this address - I will never ask you to purchase gift cards). Once again, thank you to those anonymous donors, and to all who make CBT such a caring, sharing, and giving community.


Wed, March 22 2023 29 Adar 5783