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Rabbi's Musings and Meditations 11/23/2017

Tue, 11/28/17 - 6:30pm


A Thanksgiving Greeting 2017

Where has the time gone? It is already Thanksgiving â€" a holiday that I think of as a comma or semi-colon that is much needed by all of us. We were blessed with a beautiful stretch of Fall weather that extended the summer and helped make our busy schedules a little more enjoyable over the past couple of months since the High Holy Days. But now, as the temperatures grow colder, and the amount of...Read more...

Rabbi's Musings and Meditations 9/15/2017

Fri, 9/15/17 - 6:34pm


A Message for the Final Shabbat of 5777

It is the final Shabbat of the Jewish year 5777. And though it is a warm and sunny day, the summer flowers are beginning to fade, and the landscape is just starting to take on the yellow-orange glow of autumn. We had a joyous opening week of Religious School at Congregation B'nai Torah, and the Brotherhood sponsored Welcome-Back-BBQ was enjoyed by our multi-generational synagogue family....Read more...

Rabbi's Musings and Meditations 8/16/2017

Thu, 8/17/17 - 1:52am


"The Warm Breezes of August and the Chilling Realities of our World"

For many of us, these first weeks of August have been one of the most beautiful stretches of weather that we have seen this summer. The quiet and peaceful days of warmth and sunshine help to quell the news items that bombard us as soon as come inside and turn our electronic devices, TVs and radios again. Threats that we are on the brink of war â€" or more...Read more...

Wed, March 22 2023 29 Adar 5783