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Temple Funds

B’nai Torah families and friends have, and continue to be, incredibly generous, providing ongoing support to each of the B’nai Torah funds. Many families make a contribution to the fund of their choice to commemorate a special occasion or the memory of a loved one. 

Funds at a Glance

Fund Donations are used for:
Free Will Fund Additions to temple's overall budget
Adult Education Fund Adult education programs
Beautification Fund Aesthetic enhancement of our building
Building Repair Fund Building repairs
Cantor’s Discretionary Fund At the cantorial soloist's discretion
Caring Community Fund Assistance to congregants during times of illness or loss.
Interfaith Fund Interfaith programs and events
Library Fund Book purchases
Louisa Munzer School Fund Youth and adult education 
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund At the Rabbi's discretion
Rabbi Emeritus Fund Sustaining the Rabbi Emeritus position
Ritual Fund Ritual-related items
Tzedakah Fund Donations to community service organizations
Zev Heilman Scholarship Fund High school student scholarships

Free Will Fund

This is a general fund where donations are used to supplement the annual temple budget. These donations help the temple provide the high level of programs and services our congregants expect while keeping dues and religious school tuition as low as possible.

Adult Education Fund

This fund was started by two congregants who felt strongly about the need for adult education programs. Monies donated to this fund help to offset the cost of speakers and/or to expand these programs.

Beautification Fund

Donations to the Beautification fund are used to purchase plantings, wall hangings, and minor decorative additions to the building.

Building Repair Fund

Donations to the Building Repair fund are used to pay for repairs that are needed to the temple due to the effects of weather, use and age of the building, and replacement of mechanical systems that have reached the end of their useful life.

Cantor’s Discretionary Fund

To be used at the cantorial soloist’s discretion.

Caring Community Fund

Donations help support the Caring Community Committee's efforts to provide comfort and assistance to congregants during times of illness or loss.

Interfaith Fund

Donations to the Interfaith fund are used to support programs and events planned and sponsored by the Interfaith Committee.

Library Fund

Fund contributions are used to purchase books to be circulated among members and for reference books.

Louisa Munzer School Fund

Louisa Munzer was a well-loved B’nai Mitzvah tutor for many B’nai Torah children. She taught with the goal that these children identify with Judaism well beyond their B’nai Mitzvah. In fact, she donated all the fees that she received from her tutoring to Hadassah’s Youth Aliya to support educational programs and shelters for the underprivileged children in Israel. A Holocaust survivor, she also lectured often about that terrible time.

Donations to the Louisa Munzer School fund are used to educate the youth and adults of B’nai Torah about the Holocaust and our Jewish heritage, as well as to provide funding for extracurricular activities and supplies in the religious school.

Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund

To be used at the Rabbi’s discretion.

Rabbi Emeritus Fund

Donations to the Rabbi Emeritus fund are used to help sustain the Rabbi Emeritus position.

Ritual Fund

Donations to the Ritual fund are used to purchase and maintain items related to the ritual function of the temple.

Tzedakah Fund

Donations to the Tzedakah fund are used to support donations to community service organizations who help care and provide for those in need both locally and around the world.

Zev Heilman Scholarship Fund

The Zev Heilman Scholarship Fund was established to provide an ongoing scholarship program to perpetuate Zev Heilman’s life goals of teaching Judaism. This fund provides an annual scholarship, which is intended to provide high school students who seek to understand their Judaism with an opportunity to do so in an active and participatory way. The fund is also used to help supplement the cost of the Metrowest Collaborative Boston-Haifa HiBur Program for students in grade 10 at CBT who want to participate in the HiBur Program.


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