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Kick Back and Relax

"Arts Matter" Shabbat Service

A creative approach to Simchat Torah through arts and music.

Friday, October 25 at 7:00 PM

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In the Spotlight

We welcome Interfaith Families

Learn how interfaith families have found a spiritual home right here in our congregation.

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Love To Read?

CBT's Book Club members share their list of favorite Jewish-themed books.


Religious School

Religious School registration is now open for the 2019-2020 school year.


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Adult B'nai Mitzvah Class

It's never too late 

Join our new adult B'nai Mitzvah program, led by our Cantorial Soloist Jodi Blankstein.

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Shabbat on the Beach

This year's final beach Shabbat was filled with song, spirit and the most spectacular sunset. Many thanks to all who joined us for a beautiful moment in time. We are looking forward to next year!

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Why We Joined

"The open and caring environment, the relaxed feel of Friday services, and weekday-only Hebrew School were the best fit for our busy family. It’s a diverse and inclusive congregation, with many interfaith families — something that is very important to us."

- The Illiano Family

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Membership FAQs

Frequently Asked questions

about membership at Congregation B'nai Torah


1. What type of members are at Congregation B’nai Torah?

2. What is worship like at Congregation B’nai Torah?

3. How does the Religious School operate?

4. How does B’nai Torah support children with non-traditional learning profiles?

5. What does it cost to become a member of B’nai?

6. Is the temple accessible to those with special needs?

7. How do I become a member?

1. What type of members are at Congregation B’nai Torah?

Congregation B’nai Torah is a diverse and inclusive congregation. We have members who are single adults, couples with no children, families with children at home, and families whose children are grown. We also have families with same sex partners, interfaith couples, and interfaith families who have chosen to raise their children as Jews. Whatever the size or make-up of your family, there are social, worship, educational, and service opportunities available. We also have an Interfaith Committee that works towards helping all people feel comfortable at B’nai Torah.

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2. What is worship like at Congregation B’nai Torah?

Congregation B'nai Torah offers a wide range of Shabbat services for all ages. Our services are led by Rabbi Lisa Eiduson and the beautiful singing of our Cantorial Soloist Jodi Blankstein. All evening services are followed by a tasty Oneg Shabbat provided by our members. Attire is synagogue appropriate (nice-casual). All of our services are conducted in both English and Hebrew and everyone who comes to participate, regardless of background, should feel comfortable.

Erev Shabbat – Friday Evening Services:
Shabbat Yeladim (Children) — First Friday of Every Month — service begins at 6:30 and runs 45 minutes. We use the prayer book Gates of Prayer for Young People. This service is appropriate for families with children of all ages, and is especially enjoyable for children in grades K-5.

School Shabbat — service showcases children in our Hebrew school and Hebrew High School through student participation and leadership. For the 3rd – 7th grades, the service begins at 7:00 pm and runs one hour. For K – 2nd grades, the service is on a First Friday and begins at 6:30.

Shabbat Kehillah (Community) — all other Erev Shabbat services begin at 7:00 and run approximately one hour. Please check the calendar for any changes in the regular schedule, and for notices of special events which occur frequently throughout the year. These may include community celebration of holidays and our highly acclaimed Musical Erev Shabbat with the service consisting entirely of stirring and uplifting music performed by our Cantorial Soloist.

Yom Shabbat – Saturday Services:
Bar/Bat Mitzvah — service begins at 10:30 am or 4:30 pm, and celebrates a CBT member becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah and CBT's newest adult! Please check the calendar for the schedule, and for the start time of a specific service. The entire community, as always, is welcome.

You are welcome to attend our worship service at any time. Check out our worship schedule.

You may also be interested in further information on B’nai Mitzvah Services.

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3. How does the Religious School operate?

Congregation B'nai Torah offers an outstanding and unique one-day-a-week Hebrew School administered by our Rabbi/Educator and experienced teachers to prepare every student for their special B’nai Mitzvah Day.  Our innovative curriculum helps students build a foundation of Jewish values and beliefs which are intended to help guide them throughout their adult lives. In order for this foundation to be effective, it must be reflected in both the home and synagogue. We therefore encourage families to be involved in their children's Jewish education, to celebrate Judaism in their homes, and to participate in the ritual, educational, and social action programs of our congregation. 

See more information on our Religious School.

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4. How does B’nai Torah support children with non-traditional learning profiles?

We have students with many different types of learning styles that may require accommodations. Our teachers are well trained to meet the needs of most children.  Our educators will meet and work with the family to find the best plan for that child.  Our educators make every effort to work with families to make the student’s time at B’nai Torah both positive and productive.

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5. What does it cost to become a member of B’nai?

We offer a special "Try Us Out" program, whereby new members can join at a reduced cost of $500 for the first year, with full membership benefits.

The Board of Directors oversees the annual dues and fee schedules, to ensure that the clergy and staff, learning environment, and quality & cleanliness of the facilities are maintained as cost effectively as possible. It is also Board policy that no person or family is denied membership because of an inability to pay the established dues. Current dues schedules are based on membership type and are available upon request. For more information, please send an e-mail to [email protected] or call the temple office at 978.443.2082.

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6. Is the temple accessible to those with special needs?

Our temple is ADA compliant.  Any other questions or concerns can be forwarded to [email protected].

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7. How do I become a member?

Call our temple administrator, Robin Berman at 978-443-2082, or e-mail Amy Siegel, membership chair at [email protected].

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