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Director Orna Sonnenschein 

Kehillah קְהִילָה

A Community of Mensches

The JLCMW is committed to fostering a loving, nurturing, and safe learning environment for everyone under our metaphorical tent. We devote intentional time to developing relationships among all our students, teachers, parents, and the community around us. At the JLCMW we learn that as Jews we are responsible for taking care of ourselves and those around us, not because it’s nice to do so, but because we are obligated to do so.
We apply these concepts to our lives when we explore: 

●      Mitzvot- the commandments which guide our behaviors

●      Tikkun Olam - striving to be a partner with God in repairing the world

●      Middot - the measures of our virtues. The attributes we strive for in our day to day lives. 

Ruḥaniut   רוּחַנִיוּת


We believe that even our youngest students possess an innate curiosity and openness to exploring the world around them. We tap into that instinctive spiritual inquisitiveness to help our students develop a personal, meaningful relationship with themselves and God.

Students work on their spiritual growth and development through the following curricular approaches:  

  • Concepts of Kevah and Kavanah
  • Torah Godly Play
Masoret   מָסוֹרֶת

Jewish Tradition/Practice and Prayer

Through stories, prayer, songs, holiday, and ritual practices students learn the when, how, and why Jews celebrate our religion, heritage, and culture. In addition, ritual observances take place in the classroom (blessings/prayers around food, torah study etc.) throughout the year. 

In our program students study the meaning of specific prayers as well as practice the recitation of prayer

●      Study of Prayers 

●      Tefillah

●      SholomPlex - a monthly Junior Congregation Shabbat experience led by Rabbi Poirier at Temple Beth Sholom

Torah V’Musar תוֹרָה וְמוּסָר

Text Study and Jewish Values

We are members of a rich and vibrant heritage, and our history spans thousands of years. As members of this community, we have inherited a wealth of ancient wisdom and knowledge which has been collected and recorded for posterity in our sacred texts. When we engage in studying these texts we learn about our Jewish ancestors and their world, and we uncover Jewish values that continue to inform our way of life today. 

Through our study we engage in developmentally appropriate exploration and application to our lives of:

  • ethics
  • values
  • myths
  • history
  • trials and tribulations
  • successes/failures
  • societal obligations
  • law
Ivrit  עִבְרִית


As youngsters, our students are introduced to a foundational Hebrew language 
acquisition program (Hebrew Through Movement) where they learn Hebrew by hearing and responding to commands. They also learn to greet and respond to each other using Hebrew words. From the earliest experiences at JLCMW, Hebrew is incorporated throughout our routines as well as communal prayer /tefillah time. 

At the JLCMW our students are exposed to Hebrew in a variety of ways: 

  1. Hebrew Through Movement
  2. Circle Time Greetings in Hebrew
  3. Blessings and Prayers during class and communal time
  4. Hebrew Life Vocabulary
  5. Hebrew Decoding/B'nai Mitzvah Boot Camp for grades 5 and 6
  6. B’nai Mitzvah Boot Camp for 6th graders on Wednesdays
Am HaYehudi עַם הַיְהוּדִי

The Jewish People

A central tenet of Judaism is Kol Yisrael Aravim zeh BaZeh—meaning all Israel is responsible for one another. At JLCMW we are a microcosm of the Jewish world, a place where all students bring their unique family heritage to our community. All Jewisish expression is valued and appreciated at JLCMW. Throughout our school year, we highlight various customs and traditions of Jews around the world as well as in our own backyards. 

Sat, June 3 2023 14 Sivan 5783