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"Kick-Back-and-Relax" Shabbat Service

A Special Service with an Environmental Theme

Date: Friday, January 25

Time: 7:00PM

Location: Congregation B'nai Torah Sanctuary

Open to all: Bring your friends and family!

Please join us for this special "Kick-Back and Relax" Shabbat with an environmental theme. Jodi's sister, Dr. Lori Siegel, is an environmental engineer. In honor of Tu B’shvat (the birthday of the trees), Lori will be coming to CBT to speak about her work in trying to sustain our planet. Jodi and Adam in turn will be weaving in songs highlighting the theme of nature. So come to meet Jodi's sister, to learn, and of course to join in joyful music and prayer.

A Message from Dr. Lori Siegel: World Climate

At Climate Interactive, we have published research on the impact of learning experience and found that it successfully increases people’s consciousness of climate change and their motivation to take action.  The World Climate Simulation is our role-playing exercise of the UN climate change negotiations.  It is unique in that it uses an interactive computer model to rapidly analyze the results of the mock-negotiations during the event.  Please join us to build climate change awareness and experience some of the dynamics that emerge in the UN climate negotiations.  The exercise is framed by current climate change science, using the interactive C-ROADS computer simulation which allows participants to find out how their proposed policies impact the global climate system in real-time. Like climate change itself, the World Climate Simulation crosses disciplines, delivering insights into:

  • Policies and actions needed to address climate change
  • The forces that influence national positions on a climate treaty
  • Dynamics of the climate system (including relevant feedbacks, tipping points, time delays, and social and political impacts)
  • What it will take to stay well below 2°C of global warming, or even 1.5°C
  • Psychological responses to complex problems
  • Systems thinking

On January 25, 2019 at 7PM your Cantorial Soloist, and my sister, Jodi Blankstein will lead us in an abbreviated Kick-Back-and-Relax-Shabbat service after which we will run this experience added with more prayer and song, striving for the healing of our world.  

Be part of the solution!  Tikkun olam!