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B'nai Mitzvah Prayers

The B'nai Mitzvah prayers are listed below in alphabetical order, along with brief descriptions and MP3 audio recordings.

Prayer Name MP3 Description
Ashrei A prayer primarily made of Psalm 145 although portions of other psalms are also used. It is an acrostic poem which goes through all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet save for the letter Nun.
Avot The first blessing of the Amidah in which we ask God to remember our relationship to our forefathers (and mothers) and to continue to watch over us and protect us as God did our ancestors.
Barchu Our call to prayer, the Barchu signals the congregation that the service is about to begin.
Gevurot The second blessing of the Amidah in which we praise God for healing the sick, freeing the captives and giving life to all.
Ha’motzi The blessing we say over bread.
Haftarah Blessing #1 The blessing before the reading of the Haftarah.
Haftarah Blessing #2 The blessing after the reading of the Haftarah.
Kiddush The blessing sanctifying wine.
Morning Blessings A collection of blessings thanking God for daily miracles.

Shema/Baruch Shem



The declaration (and affirmation) of our faith — there is only One God.

Torah Blessing #1 (Aliyah) The blessing before the reading of the Torah.
Torah Blessing #2 (Aliyah) The blessing after the reading of the Torah.
V’ahavta A continuation of the Shema prayer.