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Jodi's new March edition

Travel Blog from Israel

Our 10th Graders' recent trip to Israel in words and pictures.

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We welcome Interfaith Families

Learn how interfaith families have found a spiritual home right here in our congregation.

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Shower for Shelters

Help victims of domestic violence.

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Love To Read?

CBT's Book Club members share their list of favorite Jewish-themed books.


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Looking for a Reform Synagogue?

Explore whether Congregation B'nai Torah is a good fit for you and your family.

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Jewish Resources

We hope that you enjoy perusing these web streams on a variety of topics. Each stream provides thought-provoking articles that are designed to support you and your family along your Jewish journeys, and introduce you to some new ideas, rituals and practices that will surely broaden your horizons. Updated weekly, the articles will connect you to the latest news, trends, and stories happening within the Jewish world.

Celebrating Judaism Timely articles and interesting stories that are designed to help you celebrate Judaism.
Celebrating Shabbat Recipes, crafts, stories, music, and more to help you and your family celebrate Shabbat.
Children and Families Interesting and timely articles devoted to the joys and challenges of raising Jewish families.
Young Adults Articles devoted to exploring the post-B'nai Miitzvah Jewish experience.
Jewish Food Let's eat! Articles and recipes about Jewish foods from all over the globe.
Jewish Books The latest in the Jewish literary world. Book reviews, author profiles, and other topical subjects.
Interfaith Interactions with other religions or sometimes conflicted views within Judaism.
News in the Jewish World Interesting news stories from various corners of the globe.
Israeli News Current issues dealing with politics, technology, government, and religion.
Weekly Torah Portion Refllections on each week's Torah portion.
Jewish Arts and Media Stories focusing on movies, theater, music, television, actor profiles and more.
LGBTQ News of the LGBTQ communities across denominational streams.
Green Living The latest in the Jewish environmental world.
Featured Articles Articles on a variety of topics of Jewish interest.