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Religious School K-7


Congregation B’nai Torah believes in the pairing of formal and informal learning opportunities, so that the pursuit of Jewish knowledge is engaging, relevant and enjoyable for our students.

Our Faculty

Congregation B’nai Torah has an outstanding faculty of trained teachers who bring experience, passion and a depth of knowledge to the classroom.  The teachers work as a team to ensure that each child is appropriately challenged and feels successful in the classroom. Learning Hebrew is a core value of Congregation B’nai Torah, not only so that our children are exposed to the traditional literature and prayers of the Jewish people, but also as an introduction to the study of Israel.  Our faculty members communicate with parents on a weekly basis, sending emails summarizing the week’s classroom experience, and attaching homework assignments for the following session. We believe that it is important that parents be kept apprised of individual as well as class progress. 

Our Atmosphere

Our school is characterized by a love of children and a deep connection to the privilege of Jewish teaching and learning. We have a school that is large enough for our students to feel that they are part of a community, but small enough so that each child’s name is known to all and every student feels valued and included. Our students come into the building each week happy to see their friends from different Metrowest towns, and are greeted with snacks and smiles provided by our staff. Congregation B’nai Torah’s rabbi serves as the Director of Religious Education, so that there is continuity throughout the school-years, and connection between the classrooms and the sanctuary. In addition to our grade-level faculty members, we are fortunate to have an extraordinary teacher who meets in smaller groups with all students to solidify and strengthen Hebrew reading skills. We recognize that children are all developmentally different; therefore, it is critical that we meet students where they are in their growth and then challenge them to continue to reach and achieve.

Our program for school-children in Grades K – 7 meets once per week, for approximately 30 sessions during the school-year:

Grade Curriculum Time
Kindergarten and Grade 1    Jewish Learning through Experience and Play



Grade 2    The Language of Jewish Life Thurs 4pm
Grade 3 Asking Questions and Creating Jewish Identity Thurs 4pm
Grade 4  Jewish Identity as a Synthesis of Hebrew Language and Jewish Living Thurs 4pm
Grade 5 Responsibility for One Another as a Foundation of Jewish Life Thurs 4pm
Grade 6      Jewish Identity as a Synthesis of Hebrew, History and Torah-Based Values Tues 4-6pm
Grade 7     The Classroom and Sanctuary as a Laboratory for Jewish Community Tue 6-8pm
(incl. dinner)



Fri, May 27 2022 26 Iyar 5782