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"The open and caring environment, the relaxed feel of Friday services, and weekday-only Hebrew School were the best fit for our busy family. It’s a diverse and inclusive congregation, with many interfaith families — something that is very important to us."

- The Illiano Family

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Southern Jewish Experience

Grades 11-12:
The Southern Jewish Experience in the USA


As our students prepare to graduate from high school, we believe it is important to encourage them to use their developing Jewish identities to broaden their horizons. Our exploration of the southern Jewish experience brings together many of the themes of previous years.

The trip to the South will help our students appreciate the important role of the Jewish communities of the 1950s and 1960s had in fighting for Civil Rights and Equality for all. Our tour of some of the most segregated places in the South will highlight the Jewish value of activism in the face of oppression and struggle. These lessons resonate in our own day as we instill in our young Jewish adults the responsibility that they have as young adults to use the Jewish experience as a lens through which to see and empathize with the suffering of other individuals and groups. This extraordinary learning and travel experience will be customized for our students and can include a variety of sites in any or all of the following key locations: Atlanta, Montgomery, Selma, Birmingham and Memphis.