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Pearl Street Cupboard & Café

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The Rodgers Family helping at Pearl Street Cupboard & Café

There are many people in our community who find themselves worried about where their next meal will come from. Pearl Street Cupboard & Café, located in Framingham, supports such individuals and families by providing food assistance and services that promote self-sufficiency. They rely on volunteers to carry out most of their work.

We at Congregation B'nai Torah are excited to partner with Pearl Street Cupboard & Café by sending 8 volunteers  to serve meals to their patrons on a the second Wednesday of every month. Depending on the month, we are drawing volunteers from specific groups (e.g., students, committee members, etc.) or from the congregation at large.

Make a Difference

Please help by volunteering at Pearl Street Cupboard & Café on one of the dates marked "open to all" on the calendar below.

Sign Up to volunteer at Pearl Street Cupboard & Café

For more information, please contact Danyel Rodgers ( or check out Pearl Street's website.

2020 Calendar

All Dates Are Wednesdays

Date Volunteer Community
January 8 Open to all
February 12 Open to all
March 12 Open to all
April 8 Open to all
May 13 Social Action Committee
June 10 Open to all
July 8 Open to all
August 12 Open to all
September 9 Open to all
October 14 Open to all
December 9 Open to all

When You Go

When you volunteer, please plan to arrive at 5:00PM to assist with set-up and receive your assignments. The clients are served from 5:30-7:00PM. At the end of the evening, volunteers assist with the café & kitchen clean-up. With everyone's help, the evening ends around 7:30PM. We recommend wearing jeans, t-shirts and comfortable shoes.

The Pearl Street Cupboard & Café address is 46 Park Street, Framingham. Parking is limited behind the building; therefore, volunteers are asked to utilize the municipal garage or street parking, leaving the spaces behind our building available to our patrons. Entrance to the Café is behind the building in the parking lot area. Please use the glass door entrance that is located in the corner of the 2 buildings.

Mon, March 27 2023 5 Nisan 5783