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Rabbi's Tea Time Talks

Join us as we explore Rabbi Dr. Arthur Green's innovative book: Judaism's Ten Best Ideas: A Brief Guide for Seekers. Professor Green was a founding dean of the rabbinical program at Hebrew College in Boston, where he still teaches. He is one of the most important Jewish writers and teachers in the American Jewish community today.


Judaism has vast depth and breadth, and is filled with so many and varied practices, traditions and concepts. In his highly acclaimed book, Dr. Green explores what he believes to be the ten "cornerstone" ideas that Judaism contributes to the world. In his very readable and compelling text, he discusses ten values that help answer questions such as: 

Why Be Jewish? 

What major religious, spiritual and practical contributions have Jews and Judaism given to the world?

What will be the 'Jewish gifts' that we pass along to the next generation? 

How can we become authentic "seekers" of Jewish wisdom and spirituality?


We will cover one chapter per week. We will begin the book at our Monday September 27 class. 

While reading each chapter in advance of the class session will certainly enrich our discussions, the beauty of this text is that the class will still be relevant even if participants do not always have time to prepare. 

The text is widely available in print and online. Any edition is fine. There are used copies available online. You may click HERE for a link to the book on Amazon's website. Please try to have the book in hand by Monday, September 27!.


There is no fee for the class for CBT members.  The participation fee for nonmembers is $180.  To register for the course please click HERE.

Wed, March 22 2023 29 Adar 5783