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Sponsor an Oneg

What is an Oneg?

“Oneg” means “delight.” According to the prophet Isaiah, Shabbat shall be a delight. By having something sweet to nosh on (especially in times when food was scarce), delight was added to Shabbat. That is the origin of the Oneg Shabbat on Friday nights. Lingering, talking, and eating after the service adds to the feeling of Shabbat being different from other days of the week, when we rush from place to place. It also lets us meet, learn about, and interact with other members of the CBT community.

Providing an Oneg is performing a Mitzvah (good deed) for our community. And hosting an Oneg is not only a Mitzvah, but can be a way to celebrate a family event, sharing the good news with the congregation. Think of hosting to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, awards, graduations, B’nai Mitzvah and other happy occasions. You may also wish to remember someone you have lost by hosting an Oneg on their yahrtzeit (anniversary of passing). What a nice way to honor those individuals who are important in your life!

What does sponsoring an Oneg involve?

After you sign up for an Oneg, a detailed instruction sheet will be sent to you one to two weeks prior to your Oneg date. Here are the highlights:

  • Supplies provided by the temple: Paper and plastic goods (tablecloths, plates, napkins, utensils, cups, etc.), wine and wine cups, white grape juice, soda/seltzer/juice, coffee and tea.
  • Supplies provided by the Oneg Host: Two challah, half & half, brownies/cookies/cakes, fruit/veggies/dip, and flowers or other decorative piece to make the table look festive.
  • 2–3 families sponsor each Oneg. The cost of sponsoring an Oneg is roughly $20 - $30 per family.
  • As the host(s), please arrive 20 minutes before service to set up, and remain after the Oneg to clean up.

Sponsor an Oneg

To sign up for an Oneg, fill out the online Oneg Sign-up form and specify your 4 date choices in order of preference. The online form is our preferred method since it is the easiest for us to work with. You may also print out and then fill out the Oneg Sign-up Sheet and submit it to the office. An email confirming your assigned date will be sent to you. Your first choice will be assigned whenever possible. If you have any questions, please email Charlene Shalachman, our Oneg coordinator, at [email protected], or call Charlene at 508–309–4063.

Remember it is every family’s responsibility to sponsor at least one Oneg every year, so please say “ YES ”!

Thank you!